Three Part branding project that encompases a variety of goods ranging from hardgoods, apparel, and accessories. 

Snowboard design developed for Valkyrie Snowboards. Student project developed while studying at Eastern Michigan University. Along with a snowboard, I produced products such as shirts (pictured), and a goggle bag for the self-developed company. This was the final of three stages for this semester-long branding assignment. 
Valkyrie Snowboard Design
Production / Print Media / Winter 2012
   Digital mock up of the Valkyrie Rune.
During powder runs and hard carves into the mountain face, you need goggles to protect your eyes from nature's obstacles. That protection only comes when you keep your lenses in pristine shape. These goggle bags are designed to keep your goggles toasty and scratch free as you throw a few back at the lodge (and dream about the next snowfall). 

Featuring closable microfiber bag with screen printed exterior to make the entire mountain jealous. 
Because we know you stare.
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